Training: agricultural extension trials

Training and development activities

During the second year of the project training and development was provided to village communities and further training and capacity building to local project leaders and village community education teams. The Family Heads Workshop, now known as the Family Teams Program, was developed to facilitate village level community education workshops for male and female family heads in order to encourage more effective, sustainable and gender equitable farming and business practices (a key part of this program being the development and mentoring of local training teams drawn from local communities).

The program included the training modules:

  1. Working as a family team for family goals
  2. Planning your family farm as a family team
  3. Decision making and communication in family teams

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Research and evaluation

During each field visit research and evaluation activities take place.  Initial visits relating to the baseline study enabled us to gather a comprehensive profile of our study communities and identify their specific and common learning and development needs. Through additional research activities such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, collective storytelling and a range of visual methods (PhotoVoice, drawing, mapping) researchers are working with women and their families to explore the gender, cultural, environmental, economic and family factors impacting upon the lives of women farmers.