Where we work

The first stage of the project worked in three diverse areas of PNG: Central Province (2012 to 2014); East New Britain (2012 to 2015) and Western Highlands (2012 to 2015). This stage of the project focussed on collaborative work with local women leaders and women and men farmers themselves to create, design and trial a number of learning activities and resources. These activities aimed to improve business and financial literacy and assist with the adoption of a planned approach to agricultural activities. One major success of this stage was the development of a ‘family teams’ approach, which encourages men and women to work together in an effective and equitable way. The final evaluation and impact studies for this stage will be completed by June 2016.

The second stage of the project began in July 2015 with the aim to test the scalability of stage one into six new areas of PNG and new commodity crops. In September 2015 work began in the first area (the Alona ward, Lumusa, Mul-Bayer district of the Western Highlands) in partnership with the Baptist Union. The project is has now extended into the Wahgi Valley (Jiwaka Province) and Asaro Valley (Eastern Highlands Province) in partnership with Voice for Change and into the Eastern Highlands with the Fresh Produce Development Agency.

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